Showcasing The Artistic Brilliance of Ana Dias

Ana Dias, born in 1984 in Oporto, Portugal, has carved a unique niche in the world of photography with her distinctive style and vibrant imagery. Graduating from the Higher School of Arts of Oporto in fine arts, specializing in drawing, she found her true passion in photography, particularly excelling in nude photo shoots for Playboy. 

Ana Dias has achieved the remarkable feat of photographing more Playmates than any other female photographer since Playboy’s inception in 1953. Her work has graced the pages of Playboy US and international editions in over 20 countries, showcasing a talent that transcends cultural and geographical boundaries.

Here’s the best shoots according to Wexier’s team vote, meticulously curated based on quality, feeling, attractiveness, and visual appeal.

1. Priscilla Huggins in Tulum, Mexico (Playboy Mexico, May 2020):

In the captivating May 2020 issue of Playboy Mexico, photographer Ana Dias showcases her exceptional talent with a stunning spread featuring Puerto Rican model Priscilla Huggins.

The breathtaking shoot with Priscilla Huggins is a testament to Ana Dias’s ability to blend natural beauty with photographic artistry. Set against the paradisiacal backdrop of Tulum, Mexico, Ana captures the essence of Priscilla in a way that is vibrant, sun-kissed, and utterly captivating. The contrast of Priscilla’s striking blue eyes, long brown hair, and bronzed skin against the sandy beach and the Caribbean Sea creates a mesmerizing visual narrative. 

Ana Dias’s choice of location – the serene and beautiful beaches of Tulum – played a pivotal role in the photoshoot. The natural beauty of the Caribbean Sea provided a backdrop that enhanced the vibrant and sun-kissed imagery. Priscilla, embracing the fresh air and sunshine, becomes one with this idyllic environment, a testament to Dias’s skill in selecting the perfect setting.

2. Kateryna Kaminska’s “Liquid Silver” (Playboy Netherlands, March 2023):

March 2023 saw the enchanting presence of Kateryna Kaminska gracing the pages of Playboy Netherlands, captured through the lens of the talented Ana Dias.

Kateryna’s green eyes are a focal point in this mesmerizing pictorial. They hold a depth and intensity that Ana Dias skillfully accentuates, drawing the viewer into a world of hypnotic beauty. The spread showcases Kateryna’s pride in her all-natural figure, beautifully highlighting the curves and contours of her body. Her belief that nudity brings out her most honest and real self resonates in each photograph, reflecting a profound comfort and authenticity.

Ana Dias’s expertise in playing with light is evident in this shoot. She captures Kateryna in varying settings, from the softness of daylight to the mystery of starlit darkness. These contrasting environments underscore the versatility of both the model and the photographer, creating a dynamic and captivating visual narrative.

Beyond her modeling career, Kateryna is a global citizen, having lived in countries like Portugal, Italy, Germany, France, and Spain. This rich tapestry of cultural experiences adds layers to her presence in front of the camera. Her ambition to spread art and beauty worldwide through her modeling work aligns perfectly with Ana Dias’s vision.

The success of this photoshoot is further highlighted by its publication in both Playboy Netherlands (March 2023) and Playboy Germany (August 2023), showcasing the universal appeal of Kateryna’s captivating presence and Ana Dias’s photographic mastery.

3. Kitrysha as a Retro-Futuristic Biker Girl:

June 10, 2022, marked a unique and thrilling photoshoot in the heart of a scorching desert, as captured by the talented Ana Dias. The shoot featured the beautiful Kitrysha as a retro-futuristic biker girl in the desert.

Ana Dias describes Kitrysha not just as a model, but as a friend and an artist in her own right. Her commitment to the shoot, pouring her heart and soul into every pose, elevated the experience to more than just a photoshoot—it became a performance. Kitrysha’s energy and dedication to her craft are palpable in every frame, capturing moments of raw beauty and intensity.

Ana Dias sets the scene in a desert landscape, with white sands that reflect the sun’s intensity, creating a canvas that’s both challenging and inspiring. The hottest day of the year brought with it extreme conditions, where every member of the team, drenched in sweat and battling the relentless heat, relied on their perseverance and passion for the art. This backdrop of the harsh desert environment only enhanced the vibrancy and energy of the photographs. This photoshoot, encapsulating heat, passion, and the thrill of creativity, stands as a memorable journey for Ana Dias and her team. It showcases their ability to transform challenging environments into stunning visual narratives, making every ounce of effort worthwhile.

The day in the desert with Kitrysha, under Ana Dias’s visionary lens, created not just photographs but enduring memories for Ana that resonate with the spirit of adventure and artistic expression.

4. Caprice Castillo Poolside (Playboy Netherlands, November 2015):

In the sultry pages of Playboy Netherlands’ November 2015 issue, photographer Ana Dias captures the alluring essence of Polish international model Caprice Castillo. This pictorial, featuring Caprice in a playful and wet poolside setting, showcases her natural charisma and Dias’s skill in creating vivid, engaging imagery.

Caprice Castillo, a world-class model, embraced the opportunity to be the cover girl for Playboy Netherlands with enthusiasm and grace. Her decision to participate in this photoshoot highlights her confidence and versatility as a model. Ana Dias, known for her ability to bring out the best in her subjects, creates an environment where Caprice’s natural charm and allure are effortlessly showcased.

The shoot portrays Caprice not just as a model but as a symbol of joy and spontaneity. Her ease in front of the camera, whether she’s sunbathing or simply enjoying the pool, translates into images that show both joyfulness and sexiness. This quality of making the extraordinary seem accessible is a hallmark of Ana Dias’s photography.

The success and appeal of this photoshoot are underscored by its publication across multiple Playboy editions, including Playboy Portugal (December 2015) and Playboy Mexico (September 2016). This wide-reaching exposure is a testament to both Caprice’s international appeal and Ana Dias’s expertise in creating universally captivating photographic art.

The poolside photoshoot with Caprice Castillo remains a standout example of Ana Dias’s ability to merge fun, beauty, and artistry, resulting in work that resonates with audiences worldwide.

5. Natalia Udovenko in Portugal (Playboy Portugal, April 2019):

The beachside pictorial with Natalia Udovenko is a celebration of serene beauty and the timeless charm of Playboy’s heritage. Set on the picturesque Portuguese coastline, Ana captures Natalia in a way that blends her natural elegance with the tranquil beauty of the beach. This shoot not only showcases Natalia’s sweet and alluring persona but also connects to Playboy’s storied past, as Natalia is seen flipping through the pages of a vintage Playboy issue.

Natalia, showcased as Miss April 2019, radiates a blend of sweetness and allure. Her petite figure, captured by Dias’s lens, is accentuated against the vastness of the ocean and the softness of the sandy beach. The shoot captures her innocent demeanor and flawless curves, presenting a side of Natalia that is both genuine and enchanting.

The appeal of this photoshoot extends beyond the borders of Portugal, as evidenced by its publication in Playboy Mexico’s April 2019 issue. Natalia’s captivating presence, combined with Ana Dias’s photographic mastery, resonates with audiences across different cultures and geographies.

“She’s Capturing it Through the Lens of Desire”, We Say.

Ana Dias’s journey in the world of photography is marked by her passion for artistic expression and her dedication to capturing the essence of her subjects. Her photographs go beyond mere visual appeal; they are narratives filled with color, life, and energy. Influenced by pop culture, Ana’s scenes are übersexy, electrifying, and yet, cheerful and uplifting. Each of her shoots is not just a collection of images but a curated experience of joy, sensuality, and artistic expression.

Her unique approach to photography, characterized by vibrant colors and a celebration of life, has made her work unforgettable. Ana’s ability to capture the beauty of the human form in a way that is both playful and respectful has earned her widespread acclaim and a loyal following.

Ana Dias’s work with Playboy is not just a series of photo shoots; it is a journey through different cultures, landscapes, and personalities. Each shoot, unique in its essence, showcases Ana’s extraordinary talent in capturing the beauty of the moment and the spirit of her subjects. Her photography is a blend of art, sensuality, and storytelling that continues to captivate and inspire. 

Ana Dias remains and will forever be an iconic figure in the world of photography, her work a lasting legacy of beauty, creativity, and artistic brilliance.

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