Why Is Tate McRae Everywhere Around the Internet?

Tate McRae’s journey in the music industry is nothing short of extraordinary, a tale of relentless dedication, artistic evolution, and a meteoric rise to fame that she deserves from audiences around the world. Transitioning from her humble start as an 11-year-old dancer who showcased her talents on YouTube to attaining the status of a music icon was undoubtedly a challenging journey. McRae’s story serves as a compelling affirmation of her poise, determination, and undeniable talent.

Back in 2020, a pivotal moment unfolded in Tate McRae’s career. The year marked by the release of a profoundly captivating track titled “You Broke Me First”, which resonated deeply with audiences, amassing an impressive 1.2 billion plays on Spotify. As her fan base continued to expand exponentially, McRae embarked on a trajectory toward widespread recognition and prominence within the music industry. Yet, it was more than just the statistics and streaming numbers that defined Tate McRae’s journey. 

Tate McRae hit a pivotal moment in her career in 2023, right when her track “Greedy” was blowing up on various streaming platforms. This significant turning point synced up with the release of the music video for “Exes”, a visually appealing masterpiece. This creative endeavor not only showcased her exceptional vocal abilities, but also cemented her identity as a genuine artist. It was this very moment that unmistakably solidified Tate McRae as more than just a singer; she had become a true artist, no doubt about it.

Fighting Unfounded Accusations in the Music Industry:

Further solidifying her status in the industry, McRae took the stage of “Saturday Night Live”, delivering a mesmerizing performance of “Greedy”. Here, her artistic side was on full display as she seamlessly merged her intriguing choreography with her exceptional dancing abilities and sensuality.

It was a performance that left audiences in awe and cemented McRae’s position as a force to be reckoned with in the music world. However, with the spotlight came scrutiny, and some skeptics questioned the authenticity of McRae’s journey. There were whispers of her being an “industry plant”, a term often thrown around in the music industry to suggest that an artist’s success is manufactured rather than earned, which can’t be applied to McRae, as she had been in the game for a significant duration. Many, including me, had known her for a long time, attested to her unwavering dedication and the sheer hard work she had poured into reaching this pinnacle of success.

In response to the industry plant rumors, McRae declared, with confidence:

I’ve been working hard since I was 13 years old! Since I’ve been doing this for so long, I’m probably the farthest thing from an industry plant.

Her declaration was not just a defense against the naysayers; it was a record of her years of dedication and unwavering passion for her craft.

The remarkable aspect of Tate McRae’s journey is that it defies the conventional narrative of overnight success. Her story is one of resilience, persistence, and a relentless pursuit of her dreams. At the tender age of 11, she embarked on a path that would lead her from dancing in her bedroom to commanding the stages of some of the world’s most prestigious venues.

Leaving Her Sweet Home:

Born and raised in Calgary, Canada, McRae found her initial sanctuary in the familiar streets of her hometown. It was here that she honed her craft and developed her unique artistic sensibilities. But as her ambitions grew, she knew she had to venture beyond her comfort zone and test her mettle in the bustling music hub of Los Angeles.

What’s truly remarkable is that, at the tender age of 17, McRae made the awe-inspiring decision to embark on this journey alone. It was a move that would throw her headfirst into the relentless demands and formidable challenges of the music industry. Leaving behind the security of her hometown was a pivotal moment in her career, and it marked the beginning of a transformative journey.

In hindsight, McRae reflects on this momentous decision, saying: 

I think the biggest thing was the look of it, my album cover art. I was put in a hot pink dress, and I was like, I don’t even like pink!

 It was a realization that went beyond her music; it was a realization about her identity as an artist. This introspection would lead to a crucial pivot in her career, one where she took creative control and reshaped her image in the pop music scene.

What Lies Ahead for Tate McRae’s Journey?:

The development of “Think Later” (her sophomore album) was a painstaking process for McRae. She assembled a core group of writers, including the acclaimed Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic, who played a pivotal role as the album’s executive producer. The collaboration was not without its challenges, but it was proof of McRae’s determined commitment to her vision. The end result of this collaborative effort is an album that defies the norms of the industry. 

“Think Later” offers listeners a rich tapestry of songs, ranging from sultry hits like “Guilty Conscience” to introspective and emotive tracks like “Plastic Palm Trees” and “Calgary”. It’s an album that showcases McRae’s versatility as an artist and her willingness to push the boundaries of her craft.

Tate McRae photographed by Michelle Genevieve Gonzales for Billboard (2023)

Her recent appearances on “Saturday Night Live” and the Billboard Music Awards came as an advocacy to her growing impact on the music scene. In an industry where success often comes with a side serving of criticism, especially for women, McRae remains resolute in her pursuit of excellence and her refusal to engage with negativity on social media platforms.

As her popularity continues to skyrocket on platforms like TikTok and YouTube, Tate McRae stands at the precipice of even greater success. With an upcoming tour that includes a headline performance at the iconic Madison Square Garden, her influence in the music world shows no signs of waning.

For McRae, being in control of her narrative and relishing every step of the creative process are just as crucial as the music itself. Her journey from an internet sensation to a pop icon is an evidence to her talent, validating her resilience, determination, and firm commitment to authenticity in an industry that often demands conformity. 

Tate McRae’s presence in the industry is not confined to the internet; it’s a force to be reckoned with in the world of music and beyond.

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